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Bring your creative concepts into reality. Quick and effective, Botcha provides immediate and helpful tools for a simplified and smooth development of 3D projects. Intuitive approach compatible with 2D back skills.

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Tommaso Trevisol - Italy Student // Product Designer

The programme offers a very easy and intuitive interface. I often use it to recreate 3d objects starting from simple pictures. One of the strong points of this programme is the chence to extrapolate the UV map of the imported object or when a loft is created, drawing lines of different shape and thickness. To give ‘life’ to the object it’s possible to import materials to provide a more realistic effect. Astonishing final outcomes.

Andrea Agostinetti - Italy Senior Footwear Designer

With Botcha I can quickly visualise my ideas in 3 dimensions, effectively amplifying my creative skills and my creative workflow. It makes mush easier the communication with customers, reduces prototyping costs and speed up the time-to-market of new products. A remarkable tool!

Mia Pagano - Germany Jewellery Designer Hanau Akademie

I like working with botcha 3D very much. On the work surface, you only see the functions that you need for this work step. This makes it much easier to get started with the programme, as you are not overwhelmed with functions and you can familiarise yourself with the programme step by step. Many processes are simplified by editing in 2D and 3D mode. This makes it possible to precisely depict both, very organic and geometric shapes. I look forward to continuing to visualise my projects with Botcha 3d in the future!

Dimitri Product Designer

The programme is great and I have noticed a substantial improvement in its effectiveness. You just need a rough base in 2d skills in order to be fluent in its 3d environment. Game changer.

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