Redefine 3D footwear creation

Botcha x Rhino

Simplify the modelling of 3D footwear, allowing users to model in 2D and remapping in 3D with a vast array of efficient tools that makes ever designers’ life easier.

Rhinoceros super powers

Enhance your footwear development workflows with new texture management and remapping tools procedural modifiers and a new approach to scene management and navigation

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The Botcha x Rhino package includes the plugin for versions from Rhinoceros 7, onward, as well as several Grasshopper components, seamlessly integrated within the modelling environment.

Ideal For

Last flattening
Pattern visualization
Streamline design
Reducing complexity

Features & Plus

Remapping from
Mesh. Brep. Subd
to another object

This functionality allows an object to be modelled in an advantageous condition (e.g. on a 2D plane) and remapped onto another surface.

Remapping from
Mesh. Brep. Subd
to another object

The use of this feature enables a number of different workflows that simplify modelling, for example starting with a flat mesh and then remapping to a more complex surface.
The feature can also be used to modify a modelling from one base to another, for example by changing the size of sockets or cavities in the object being modelled. The socket base can then be used to remap the previous modelling.

UV Editor

The UV editor of Botcha allows textures to be manipulated quickly and effectively, thanks to various tools. Fast Unwrapping that minimises texture stretching. Automatic chart layout. Setting the texture size relative to the actual size of the original mesh.

Parametric modifiers

It is possible to add modifiers to objects that will not change the geometry but only the display of the object.

And much more!

Botcha 3D x Rhino includes numerous other functionalities, such as the Model Outliner, a layer manager that improves scene management by including all objects in addition to layers, or the Object Soft Edit, which allows mesh and SubD to be modified by applying transformation progressively according to the user’s needs.

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