Botcha 3D – Bringing your products to the Metaverse

eventThursday 27 January 2022
scheduleTime: 17:30pm - CET (Central European Time)

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To celebrate the launch of botcha3d we want to discuss how our tool can help you with the digital transformation, virtual prototyping and the next scenarios for 3d products on the internet.


How is the world evolving in a digital direction? Are we ready for an always less physical interaction and a fast pace in offers and choices? Are the production and market lines easily adapting? Which are the key tools in this transition? How can we craft the metaverse with a down-to-hearth perspective?

We set off to explore a some of these key issues thanks to the contribution of both creators and users of these instruments.

Leopoldo Gobbato Moderator Design & Develop // Botcha 3D Team
Alberto Franco Software Architect Design & Develop // Software Team
Riccardo Franco Founder Metaverso // Managing Partner
Community Keep Evolving.
Never Stop Improving.

Stay tuned for updates and new features.

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