Botcha x Rhino reference

Welcome to the documentation for Botcha x Rhino plugin. This documentation will cover the main topics of workflows and reference.

What you will find in this documentation:

Learn the workflow

At this page you can also find some video tutorials to better understand the Botcha x Rhino workflow.

License troubleshooting

Once you have received the license via email and have the file on your computer to install it the following steps.

Open Rhino. A window with Botcha logo will appear. Click on Select a new license

Select license

Search the license on your machine, where you downloaded the file and input that license.

License location

After confirming, Rhino will open and Botcha functionalities will be ready to be used! Enjoy Botcha!

Licensing details

The license is automatically stored inside your %appdata% folder, if you need to manually replace it or delete it from your machine you can find it with the following.

Type %appdata% into the searching bar and go into BotchaXRhino folder Search license

The license together with the activation and verification file are found there. If you need to reset the license and force a check delete the activation.dat and verify.dat file.

Select license file