Mesh generation

In this section we will present all the commands that have features and functionalities that allow you to generate meshes starting from a series of simpler objects.


Generated a loft based on meshes. The command will ask for a set of curves and then generate a loft that tries to match the input curves.

Some options can be provided when running the command:

  • AroundSamples: number of mesh subdivisions around the curves
  • AlongSamples: number of mesh subdivisions parallel to the curves

Mesh loft

B_PlanarQuadMesh, B_PlanarTriMesh

Generate a planar quad or triangular mesh with the given edge length parameter. This command uses a special meshing that has been develop to optimize the generation. In the first step it is possible to select multiple curves that will be sorted so that internal curves will act as holes for the generation of the quads or tris.

The second step of the commands allow you to select edge loop curves and the size of the quad to be generated. See the reference image for reference.

Click here to see the tutorial.

Planar mesh


This command allows you to easily draw a curve laying on a mesh, simply selecting the mesh and choosing the points you want the curve to go through.

Draw curve on mesh