Model outliner

The model outliner that botcha offers is an extended version of the layer manager. Unlike the default layer manager of Rhino, Botcha's model outliner will show all the objects that are present in the model at any moment.

Model outliner

The hierarchical tree shows all the layers and their contained objects. Except for the material, the tree shows the same columns of the default Rhino Layer tree (Name, Current, On, Lock, Color, Linetype, Print Color, Print Width). Each column value is clickable, to set the related layer or object's property.

There are a number of commands that can be issued from the model outliner's toolbar:

  • New layer: create a new layer in the model. The position where the new layer will be created depends on the current selection.
  • New layer with selected objects: create a new layer with the currently selected objects. It behaves exactly like the new layer but it will move the selected objects into the newly created layer.
  • New sublayer: create a new sublayer, depending on your selection
  • Delete: delete layer or objects that are selected.
  • Move up, down, to parent: move the objects or layer up, down or to the parent layer.
  • Reveal selected objects: scroll and select in the model tree the currently selected objects in the model.

All other base commands (such as Rename, Select Objects, Select Sublayer Objects, Collapse/Expand Sublayers, etc.) can be issued from the contextual menu, by right-clicking on a tree item.

Contextual menu