Color swatches

These sets of tools allows for the agile management of color swatches in Botcha by enabling import and facilitating application to materials, as well as color recognition.

Colors panel

This panel offers a range of functionalities:

  • Import palettes: You can effortlessly import Adobe Swatch Exchange files and preview their swatches within. A convenient search bar is also provided. The tool also comes equipped with a built-in default color palette integrated into Botcha.
  • Apply colors to objects: Applying colors to objects is straightforward: a double click on a swatch square allows you to select the object where you want the color to appear. Subsequently, a new material with the corresponding color is generated and applied to the chosen object. By default, it creates a new material mirroring the original material of the object. However, a right-click on the square provides the option to overwrite the existing material.