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Botcha Reference Manual

Welcome to the manual for botcha. This manual will cover the whole functionality of the tool, some sections and features may not be available for the users that are using the free version of the software.

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Getting started

Botcha supports numerous file formats, here you can find a small rundown of the main ones. You can find more details in the dedicated sections of this manual.

File format Import Export
Wavefront OBJ (for 3D) Free version Pro version
STL, ASE, DAE, FBX, LXO, LWO (for 3D) Pro version No
Rhino 3DM (for 3D and 2D) Pro version Pro version
PDF (for 2D) Pro version Pro version
Adobe Illustrator (for 2D) Via plug-in Pro version
Scalable vector graphics (for 2D) Free version No
PNG, JPG, HDRI, EXR (for 2D and 3D) Free version Pro version
Adobe Photoshop PSD Pro version Pro version

Getting in touch

We provide different level of support depending on which type of license that you own. If you are holder of an enterprise license you can directly contact us via your sales rep or account manager. In case you want to report an issue please see the appropriate page in this documentation

The Philosophy behind the tool

Botcha is a 3D modelling software that is targeted at product designer. We like to think that you can created inside of botcha any product that fits in a 3 cubic meters volume. The objective that we set to ourselves when we started developing this software was to create a suite that was easy to use and quick to pickup for designers that have little to no experience within the 3D world but have an understanding of vector graphics toolkits (such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw).