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Manipulating background images

Whether you want to keep a set of backgrounds in sight or you are trying to bring your work from 2 to 3 dimensions, Botcha lets you import images into the 3D space. They are intended to be used as reference while drawing, so you will not find them in renders or other exporting formats. You can load .png, .jpg and .psd files.

Placing the images in the space is easy: you can transform using gizmo, stick parallel to a plane or bound them to follow the camera, and it also possible to rotate and flip the image.

Draw using images

It is possible to lower the opacity of an image, so you can draw on a mesh looking through it. This is usefull if you want to follow the some paths, and if you also set the camera in orthogonal mode it can become a pretty powerfull workflow.

We also remind that in generators it is possible to lower opacity of the drawing area, so it is possible to follow the paths of an image to draw a section.

Project images to meshes

Background images have only one command in the toolbar context: projection painting. As the name says, this command can project the image to a mesh canvas along the direction it is facing.

In order to use this command: * make sure that a canvas has been created for the mesh * place the image in the desired position and schedule the command * select the mesh in which you wish to project the image * confirm the command

The image will appear in the mesh canvas as an embedded file link. Note that the projection is applied on every touched surface of the mesh, regardless the fact that it is front or back facing respect to the image (see example image below).



The resulting image will have the resolution of the mesh canvas, so be carefull about it's size.