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Manipulating UVs

In order to match exactly what you want to achieve botcha allows you to layout and manipulate the texture coordinates (or UVs) for each mesh you work with. This will allow you to work more efficiently with the 2D/3D workflow. There are a couple of options on how to change the UVs.

Live unwrapping

The option to live unwrap is a powerful one. You can pin certain vertices to the position where they are. This will basically fix those vertices to that point in space and will try to solve the deformation around that. By moving the pinned vertices you will obtain a deformed island that will have minimized distortions.

Live unwrapping

This editing style is very useful to adapt a given map to an existing picture or to re-adapt the map to a shape that you prefer while keeping the deformation to a minimum.

Moving components

Component moving is the easiest way of editing. You will be able to move complete islands or only part of them. This will be unconstrained movement and shall only be used to position properly the components where you need them.