Connect the dot, the segment, the angle and the curve

Give original breathe to primordial elements. Finally generate a creative spring beyond the comfortable restraints of a bidimensional past. Let’s rise! Hike! Climb! Reaching for unevolved hights.

Expand intersections of thoughts

Abstract concepts are taking shape, coming to life, acquiring concrete dimensions, transcending flatness. May the land where creativity can bloom be wide and fertile. May ideas be projected towards unlimited spaces.

Compact tools to our advantage

Polidimensional chisels and blades shall be of our use. Basic surfaces shall be traced, distorted and cut beyond previously unreachable borders. Now bent to the will of our creative force.

Fragment surfaces and preceptions

Breaking through old and immaterial doors, aiming for generative horizons. Perceptions of volume and intensity are now coming to existence. Birthing energy and vibrating fervor are powerfully dragging us towards elemental consistencies.

Embrace the genesis of unique forms of continuity and space!